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A site to savor.

That sacred time between waking and beginning the day.  The first cup.  Let the magic flow through you.  A website of writing prompts, fan fiction, and musings.

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Endless Battle - Prompt 7

The lone warrior grasps his sword tightly, afraid that if he loses focus for even a moment, it will fall from his hands. A mistake like...

The Mask - Prompt 6

The man smiled to the child while holding out a piece of candy. Glancing around nervously, the little boy saw all the other children...

The Eternal Sands - Prompt 5

Maerek sat stiffly, her body still aching from the last fight. She had triumphed, of course, but her opponent was stronger than she had...

Something Wicked - Prompt 4

The dashboard went dark. Marcus held his breath for what seemed like an eternity, wondering if it would ever be safe to move. A step,...

The Time Reveler - Prompt 3

"Today we celebrate our victory!" The King's voice echos wildly throughout the halls, bouncing off the long corridors and into the vast...

The Magus - Prompt 2

Standing on the rock overlooking the small village, the magus feels the night's biting cold in his bones. Below, the shrieks of terror,...

Out of Nowhere - Prompt 1

You awake suddenly, the long fall crashing into the front of your mind. Coughing out the ancient dust in your lungs, you stagger to your...

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