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Red Claw - Prompt 21

The rain was incessant. Banging loudly against the roof, pounding the siding. It seeped into the small cracks of the windows, and crept into the small spaces around the doors. The Red Claw Inn, notoriously known as the "Last Respite" before the ominous mountain range, had seen better days and more frequent repairs. The Innkeeper was old, tired, and short on money. He barely noticed a cloaked figure enter the bar. He did, however, notice the large, wet coin purse clink loudly on the countertop.

"For the repairs," said the stranger, his gruff voice sounding strained yet far away, "and the rest once the job is complete."

"What job?" said the Innkeeper suspiciously, "I didn't hire any..." his voice trailed off as he noticed three...things shamble into view.

[ Note from EM: If you're inspired by this prompt and publish something based off of it, please cite First Coffee! Here's a bitly link you can use: ]

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