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A Lesson in Magic, Part 1 - Lost Arcana

It's cliche in our lands, to claim that "none alive know when Magic first came to be." The truth, as scholars have long known, is that Magic was always here. It seems to have come into existence at the very beginnings of the world, and perhaps even at the beginnings of the multiverse. It exists in the fabrics of being, a weave between all things living, dead, and never alive. Magic is in the trees, it's in the shorelines, and it's in the warm embrace of our loved ones.

Researchers of the arcane studied and searched the dated archives of history's past for many hundreds of years to uncover how humans became aware of Magic. Some ancient texts talk of the first few who eventually called themselves The Awake. It seemed in those mornings long past, only a very few could intimately sense the weaving of Magic locked tightly behind an invisible veil. Records are lost of the names of most of the The Awake, since they were hunted mercilessly and brutally slaughtered. Even their families were rumored to have not been spared the axe. Magic was seen as a curse, a forbidden thing. As heretical to nature as disease was to life, those who showed any pretense, real or fabricated, were immediately put to the blade.

As time turned, those who saw Magic as heretical passed into the sands of time, others took their place with a more favorable view of the arcane arts. Scholars began to prod into this strange power, attempting to contort this new instrument to their will. Here, the First Lesson was learned:

Magic does not bend to the will of humans.

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