Hello lovelies!
Growing up It was safe to say I had a pretty hectic schedule.
If I wasn’t cramming in seeing my friends, or going to school, I was at a 9am-9pm dance rehearsal or doing a performance. My mum particularly kept me busy and to this day (although I moaned ALOT back then) I am very thankful she pushed me to do lots of things.
However, as much as I loved dancing, a lot of the friends I was surrounded with were a hell of a lot better than me and would push themselves twice as hard because they wanted to go into dancing professionally.
It wasn’t until I started blogging on this little corner of the internet where I began to feel that I’d finally found ‘My Thing’.
Apart from sharing posts here and there on Twitter, blogging remained one of those things that only celebrities and fashion companies kept. However, as I began to promote more posts on platforms like Instagram, I started to get comments from people I know personally and worked with.

In this internet-dominated era of 2016, blogging still remains a hobby shrouded in mystery to the general public. I get asked a lot about what exactly it is I write about on this little blog of mine, to which I answer: “anything and everything.”

Now, when I see friends their questions go something like this:
“So how’s work? How’s the other half? How’s the blog?” And I can’t begin to tell you how elated I am that they recognise this little corner of the web as being part of my life.
It feels good being able to let your hair down and go into crazy photographer mode as you get that shot “for the blog” without feeling any prior judgement.
So, dear readers of mine, dont be afraid to let people know about your blog.
Even if you dont have millions of followers or earn a large amount of money from it, if you have a passion for writing and a love for it, then shout it from it from the rooftops.
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Corduroy Dungarees // Primark

Red Converse // Converse all Star

Bicycle Necklace // Wren & Wilson

Classic Brown Batchel // Cambridge Satchel Company 

Now autumn is upon us its definitely time to ditch the floral summer dresses and grab a few camel coloured bits. This outfit is one of my favourite autumn combinations.

Whilst im a complete sucker for a pair of chunky boots in the more colder winter months, I think you can still get away with wearing your tried and tested converse in September and October. (Maybe just me but they are my favourite!)

This outfit channels the cool 80’s vibes with the camel coloured corduroy Dungarees; mixed with a staple navy long sleeve sweat top. Whilst this super cute bicycle necklace combined with the converse inject a splash of colour and statement into the outfit.






Whats your favourite Autumn outfit?


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I recently bought Harry Potter and the cursed Child after seeing it pop up all over my instagram feed.

I was pretty excited to read it as I absolutely love the original HP books and films so was delighted it was based on a new story from JK (even if it was written by someone else)

My emotions in regards to the Cursed Child are wildly mixed. On the one hand, I throughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane and I have no problems admitting I teared up several times while reading the script. However, quite a few of the main plot points in the story are kind of absurd and I’m a little surprised JK allowed this book to be considered the 8th book of the Harry Potter series; especially taking into consideration the amount of success and adoration fans have for the franchise it seems like a bit of a risk to me.

I did however, enjoy how the script introduces another side to the Hogwarts we know and love. In the previous books Harry Potter adored his school and saw Hogwarts as a safe haven. This is completely flipped on its head when Albus (Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley’s youngest son) attends Hogwarts. Albus is less than enthusiastic and offers a different and arguably refreshing insight to this iconic place.

One aspect of the book I disliked, was the idea that in one of the versions of the wizarding world, Hermione Granger would end up bitter and malicious if she didn’t end up marrying Ron.


I think you’ll find she was doing fine without him, remember Viktor Krum? Remember her being the brightest witch in her year? Remember her being the reason why Harry and Ron did not die in every damn book? I find that alternate universe especially insulting. I get that the writer wants us as readers to understand the importance of Hermione and Ron’s relationship and how much happier she is when they are together however that version of her was not the best way to portray that. One thing I did enjoy reading surrounding this was Ron and Hermione’s conversation on the staircase and how it was full of tension and unspoken words. I thought that part was beautifully written.


The new characters are also incredibly endearing, especially Scorpius (Draco Malfoy’s son) I challenge anyone to read this book and not fall in love with how the relationship between Albus and Scorpius is written. Their relationship reminded me of the friendship of the original trio and yet at the same time something completely different and new.

I think out of everything in the play – this beautiful quote is the one that applies to Cursed Child most directly:

“Perfection is beyond the reach of humankind, beyond the reach of magic.”

In reality, to expect a more than perfect 8th book from the Cursed Child was somewhat of a pipe. It was somewhat inevitable that a play might struggle to measure up against the careful plotting and characterisation of the previous seven novels. However, I do think that the book is the perfect cure for those who are missing Harry Potter and ready to dive back into the wizarding world one more time.


What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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Very excited to show you this absolutely gorgeous piece of handmade jewellery from Wren and Wilson.

I am a complete sucker for anything Bicycle related, I think thats mainly down to the fact I went to University in a cycling city which meant every day I rode my bike to and from lectures and into town; and lets be honest bikes are beautiful things, Especially when in a pretty pastel colour and complete with a little wicker basket.

I came across WREN & WILSON on etsy (My absolute favourite place online to browse) and instantly fell in love with this particular piece, although she has lots of beautiful bits and bobs! 

I was super impressed with how beautifully the necklace was packaged and gift wrapped.

I mean seriously just look at that box and wrapping paper! 


I always admire the professionalism and attention to detail that smaller companies and etsy shop owners provide. Jen at WREN AND WILSON went above and beyond to make the parcel presentable and pretty, as well as adding a personal touch of a handwritten note thanking me for the collaboration.

All the jewellery Wren and Wilson create would make the perfect gift to a friend or a little treat for yourself. They are the perfect statement piece to complete any outfit.


“Originally a hand drawn illustration this lovely design has been transformed by the power of lasers! It is now a wonderful necklace that has been carefully created and hand painted for you to have a truly original and unique piece of jewellery that you will love to wear!”- WREN AND WILSON


Length of Chain approx. 19 cm on each side with 6 cm extender chain, fastened with lobster clasp and finished with a Wren & Wilson tag.
Length of bike approx. 9.5 cm.
Wood is FSC certified plywood.

Make sure to go and check out her shop HERE 

& Head over and LIKE their facebook page HERE

Hope you enjoyed this post, (and keep an eye for the outfit post coming soon!)

If you know someone who would love this kind of jewellery make sure to share it with them!


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I for one, love a good life chat.

Snuggling down with a coffee and having a right old chinwag about everything and anything is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Lately when catching up with friends, the hot topic of conversation has mostly been about the mental life as a 20 summin, especially when everyone in the friendship group seems to be at different stages in their lives.

The funny thing is, half the time when I’m attempting to adult, I’m to going to work and having to make important decisions and have mature conversations, whilst the other half of the time, I’m in my pajamas watching Alice in Wonderland and eating party rings.

So many people feel lost in these years. Feeling like they should of made different decisions back in school, feeling like they should have spent more time traveling and seeing the world before settling into a job and starting a career; and a lot of the time we are trying to do 1200391 things at once because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others.

I think it’s a good thing to feel a bit all over the place, the same way it is healthy to question yourself and how you want to spend your life.

“Your 20’s are about experimenting, exploring and a whole load of trial and error.”

For some people they see their 20’s as a time to work round the clock to achieve their dream job, for others its taking the time to see the world and ‘find themselves’ and some people are happy just watching a new series on Netflix in bed and If that is what floats your boat at the time then there’s nothing wrong with that.

My advice is surround yourself with the people who bring you up, make you belly laugh and who inspire you. Try your best to not worry about what others think, everyone has their own opinions and that’s alright.

One important thing I have learnt over the years is to celebrate the small wins. It could be the most simple thing like getting that email sent, finalising a blog post before rushing off to work or making a call you have been putting off, celebrate it because It’s those little pats on the back you give yourself that will inspire you to carry on.

I guess what I’m trying to say is the majority of us at this stage in our lives are completely and utterly winging it. Some may have more of a plan than others but ultimately in your 20’s its okay to not have it ALL figured out just yet. The most important thing is to big each other up and support one another. We are all have to live in this crazy world together so spread smiles, love and lots and lots of prosecco.

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