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Lost Arcana, Chapter 1.1

Updated: Jul 5

I write this on the backdrop of a dirty basement, cut deep into the mountainside surrounding a swamp. It smells like decay and fish in here, but I'm searching for neither of those things. You see, the old fisherman who retreated to a life of solitude and soul searching was once a great Mage of an old library, tasked with important research and cataloging lost, arcane scrolls. Tolef was his name. He's been dead for a long time.

I've been searching for something. At first, it was only a hint of a possibility, barely a chance of a probability. But time is mutable, and Magic hinders the sights of those who wish to see clearly. The Runes help; they act as an anchor to the world as I desperately search for a fraction of an answer. I suppose I should back up.

My name is Dev'ti. I may be the last practitioner of Rune Magic, discovered by my father many decades ago. I've undertaken what some have called the Search, which is an impossible task to discover the Source of Magic. But I'm not looking for things that have been found or can be found. I'm looking for something that can't be found. Maybe I should back up even further.

Let me teach you about Magic.

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